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Dental Care

Hooves & Paws Pet Hospital in Aubrey, TX provides outstanding dental care for your pet. Our experienced veterinarians are always happy to see your dog, cat, rabbit, or other furry friends. And we'll see you on-site for equine dental services. 


Why Your Pet's Dental Health Matters

Your pet's dental health plays an important role in helping them live their best life. Pets who have healthy teeth and gums are able to bite and chew without pain or discomfort. This means they're free to chew their favorite toys and eat their favorite foods even into their golden years. A healthy friend is a happy friend, and your veterinarian at Hooves & Paws Pet Hospital will do everything necessary to ensure your pet lives a long and satisfying life.

Common Dental Health Conditions in Pets

Common dental problems in pets run the gamut from gum disease to cracked and broken teeth. Bringing them in for an annual dental exam can spare them unnecessary pain and discomfort from conditions such as these:

  • Swollen or Bleeding Gums
  • Slab Fracture
  • Infection and Abscess
  • Malocclusion
  • Palate Defects
  • Mouth Cysts or Tumor

Because your pet can't tell you when something hurts, it's important to notice unusual changes in their behavior that could mean they are suffering. These changes include reluctance to eat or chew, irritability, general discomfort, blood on chew toys or in their food dish. Bringing your pet into Hooves & Paws Pet Hospital for regular dental check-ups can help with early detection of dental health issues, thus sparing your best furry friend unneeded suffering.

Equine Dental Health

Horses have special dental needs unlike those of cats or dogs. Because they spend large portions of their days grazing on grass, their teeth wear much more quickly than their carnivorous counterparts. Common equine dental health problems include:

  • Dental Hooks
  • Excess Transverse Ridges
  • Parrot Mouth
  • Ramps
  • Shear Mouth
  • Wave Mout

These dental problems range in severity from troublesome to potentially fatal, which is why it's so important to have your equine checked regularly by a veterinarian who's experienced in equine dental care.

Signs of Equine Dental Distress

Some common signs of dental distress for horses include head tossing, bad breath, discolored gums, drooling, and mouth sores. You may also notice dribbling from the mouth while they’re eating or rearing. Because your horse is uncomfortable, he or she may become irritable to the point of being aggressive.

When you're ready to set up routine dental care for your pet, call Hooves & Paws Pet Hospital in Aubrey, Texas. Our friendly experienced team is always compassionate and we love pets. Schedule your appointment today to keep your pet smiling for years to come.

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