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Equine Reproduction

Taking care of your horse’s health is a big task. It’s also vital to ensure that the mares and their foals are healthy while the mares are pregnant, and after-delivery. To ensure this, it is critical to make sure you have high-quality veterinary services. At Hooves & Paws Pet Hospital in Aubrey, TX, we provide veterinary care for horses, including reproduction services. 

What Is Equine Reproduction? 

Equine reproduction is horse breeding. Our highly trained and reputable veterinarians are experienced in equine reproduction and will make sure it is done safely. At our animal hospital, your mare will be in great hands. Our hospital's complete equine reproduction services include the following: 

Embryo Transfer

The primary use of embryo transfer is to obtain the mare's offspring with restricted potential reproduction, such as older mares, uterine pathologies, and sub-fertility.   

Artificial Insemination

Similar to humans getting artificially inseminated, the mare will have donated sperm from a male horse. 

Caslick Procedures

This is a common surgical procedure that our vets use on mares. 


Similar to humans, we use this on mares to check on them and their offspring. 

Stallion Collection

Our veterinarians will also evaluate the health of the stallion. That way, we can ensure we obtain semen from a healthy male horse. 

Semen Evaluation

This includes evaluating the fertility of the stallion to determine the semen quality. The progressively motile sperm number indicates the quality and fertilizing capacity of it. 

Semen Shipping

Semen will be securely shipped in containers that will keep the semen fresh. 

In-House Uterine Culture Lab

This is a common diagnostic exam for mares to evaluate the health of the mare's uterus. It is usually required or recommended prior to breeding to identify infections that may reduce the health of the mare and/or foal. 

Mare Foaling

This is a medical evaluation of the mare's offspring. 

Uterine Lavage

This is a critical treatment option for a mare that is susceptible to chronic or persistent endometrioses and other uterine pathologies. 

Semen Freezing

This is used to ensure that the semen remains fresh. 

Schedule an Appointment with Our Vets Today

If you are considering equine reproduction, it is important to proceed with the process properly and safely. At Hooves & Paws Pet Hospital in Aubrey, TX, our team will help you. We will walk you through the process and make sure your horse is safe and healthy. Our facility provides a wide variety of other veterinary services as well. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call us today. 

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