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Wellness Services

Wellness Exams Are Essential to Your Pets’ Health

You probably have heard of pet wellness exams, but do you know why veterinarians recommend them to pet owners? These exams are a way of looking at, and paying for, your pets’ continued health, rather than only focusing on their health when an emergency arises. At Hooves & Paws Pet Hospital, we offer wellness exams and additional services to pets in Aubrey, TX, and surrounding vicinity. These exams are necessary to your animals’ health. Read the information below to understand why.


What Is a Pet Wellness Exam?

A pet wellness exam is a necessary checkup that evaluates your animals’ health. Mostly, it is a preventative veterinary service that focuses on preventing issues from affecting a pet’s health. But, wellness exams can also be used for finding, treating, and monitoring common conditions. Looking at the long-term perspective, pet wellness exams can help keep your animals’ happy and healthy and can save you money.

What Pet Wellness Exams Include

Although wellness exams can vary based on your pet, they generally include:

  • A review of your pets’ lifestyle, such as diet, exercise, and behavior
  • A physical exam
  • An evaluation of the heart and lungs (listening for abnormalities)
  • Palpating the pulse, lymph nodes, legs, and abdomen
  • Blood tests, if recommended
  • Urine or fecal tests, if necessary
  • Radiography and other important tests for pets with ongoing conditions

After a wellness exam is completed, a veterinarian will recommend additional services to help keep your pets’ healthy. These services may include dental cleanings, nutritional counseling, weight management, lifestyle changes, vaccinations, grooming, and prevention and treatments of intestinal parasites and fleas and ticks. 

How Often Should a Pet See a Veterinarian?

This depends on several factors, such as your pets’ age, breed, health history, and lifestyle. But typically, veterinarians recommend annual exams for younger animals and bi-annual exams for senior pets.

Make an Appointment for a Pet Wellness Exam

Remember, pet wellness exams may look different for various types of pets. To learn more about wellness exams or to schedule an appointment for your animals, contact Hooves & Paws Pet Hospital in Aubrey, TX, at 940-365-9430 or on our website. These exams shouldn't be overlooked, so let us help make sure that your pets are healthy and happy in the long run. 

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